Miles Gannett is a singer-songwriter/guitarist who has been writing and performing music since his single-digit years. He crafted his early tunes in the style and spirit of 1950s rock ‘n’ roll, and as a teenager, he produced electronic music and dove into the sounds and writing styles of classic psychedelia. In his early twenties, Miles played in the experimental band Zeug and was also the original lead guitarist for Baltimore world-fusion powerhouse Telesma. Miles formed Fractal Cat in late 2011 while recording The Eye in the Dawn—the first of FC’s three albums—in his home studio. The songwriter had released several singles before rounding up “a group of friends” to finish the album and form a band that could reproduce the rich studio sounds onstage. Two of Miles’ compositions, “Tryptide” and “Have I Lost My Way,” have been in regular rotation on Towson radio station WTMD, the former being named one of the "14 top Baltimore songs of 2014" by station DJ Sam Sessa, and the latter voted one of the best 89 songs of 2016 by the station's audience. Most recently, Miles has founded the psychedelic folk/bluegrass band The Shroom Pickers, who will be backing him on an album of new original songs (release date TBA).


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